Standing Against The Wiles Of The Devil
May 17, 2020

Wonderful.God really make available to us sophisticated unfailing weapons to silent the enemy.However,the beauty of our weapon is in wearing and using it.The breastplate of righteousness is a dual weapon.Both for defense and offense . Seek yea first the kingdom of God and it’s righteousness all other things Will follow.

At salvation you establish a relationship with God. The relationship is service through your fellowshipping with Him (righteousness). Fellowship is the strength of relationship. Just as in marriage ,a relationship is established but for reasons such as distance,health or otherwise the fellowship may be temporarily suspended but the relationship remain intact.Friend,have you experienced a broken fellowship with God? Perhaps,this seems affecting your finances ,family or career. Broken fellowship brings an overwhelming feeling of condemnation.  Give attention to the reality of your righteousness;your real position with Christ then the enemy will lose his grip over your life,ministry ,family or finances.

2 Corinthians 5:21
“For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.”

Jesus was made sin for you that you might become the  righteousness of  God.  Enough of the enemy’s deception. Sin consciousness gets you incapacitated. It weakens you in battles. Sin consciousness gives you a low self esteem. It makes you afraid of man and  God. It  reduces your strength. On the other hand, as you put on the breastplate of righteousness,your confidence increases.Your boldness becomes irresistible .The righteous shall be as bold as lion. Receive the boldness to break into higher realm in your  destiny in Christ.

Boldness to take charge of your home.Boldness to explore the opportunities God is bringing your way in Jesus name.Righteousness is an armor for both offensive and defensive.God has covered you with the robe of righteousness. (Isaiah 61:10). Whoa! Your nakedness can not be seen again.With the breastplate of righteousness as your defense.Arrows of shame can never penetrate any aspect of your life any longer. Evil bows at the gate of the righteous.

Friend,what a joy. Righteousness  is not by work.Righteousness is a gift from God. Righteousness is by faith. Abraham believed and it was accounted to him as righteousness. Righteousness is permanent.The righteous  outlast both the enemy and his attacks (Psalms 37:17). What heaven gives birth to hell can not kill.Your prosperity is birth of heaven. Devil can not stop your prosperity. Your progress is orchestrated by heaven, the devil can not stop you in Jesus name. Your destiny is heaven birth.

You don’t pray for righteousness, you only grow in your understanding of righteousness. Righteousness is a gift. Righteousness is a strong weapon, not for defensive alone but also offensive in its operation.The brilliance of soldiers’ breast plate do blindfold the eyes of the enemy. Friend, you are at the edge of breaking up every limitation.

You will break through and break forth in your career,family and finances. You are free from the dominion of sin and it’s effects. No more sickness. Sickness shall not reign in your body again. The righteous shall flourish like palm tree.He shall grow like cedar in Lebanon. Believe me real good you shall flourish on every side in Jesus name.

Today’s Confession:

There is no condemnation in me. I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. I am exalted in righteousness. I break forth on every side. I will flourish and reign in life. Free from every sickness and diseases  in Jesus mighty Name.

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Kola & Bola Emiola Ministries


LaDell Wilson

Founder and Senior Pastor of Next Level Christian Church
I believe these teachings will help The Church be better equipped to function and be Dominant in the Supernatural Realm. The knowledge taught and imparted brings much clarity to a subject the Church must revisit in these last days. Without this teaching the Body of Christ is not fully equipped to take on a realm of darkness with Confidence and Boldness.

Reverends Tony and Irene Fournier

Lion’s Roar Ministries | Woodbridge, Virginia, USA
The School of the Supernatural is a dynamic course that combines teaching, demonstration, and hands-on activation to release believers into the “greater works” that Jesus promised in the Gospel of John. Apostle Kola Emiola makes a solid Biblical case that every believer has been called and given authority to demonstrate the Kingdom by casting out demons, healing the sick, and raising the dead!

The school features anointed teaching, prophetic praise and worship, testimonials, impartation and activation of spiritual gifts, and miracles, healings, signs and wonders!

Here are just a few of the many testimonies shared by those who attended the three-day "School of the Supernatural" hosted by Lion's Roar Ministries on November 2-4, 2017, in Alexandria, Virginia:
“I have suffered from narcolepsy for about 7 years. Since the school, I have been healed and haven’t taken the medication at all and not suffering. I have been healed!”

“I had pain in my feet for a few months. It kept getting worse. During the first night in worship, the Lord healed my feet. Praise the Lord!”

“The School of the Supernatural delivered me from demonic mental strongholds of sexual immorality, poor thinking, anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness. Since I attended the School I am no longer bound to these thoughts on a daily (and even hourly) basis as I used to be. Though I am still expecting and anticipating for God to completely heal my body, I am so grateful that God has dealt with and healed my mind because I now serve Him more fully with joy. Healing begins with the mind. Praise be to God!”

“This event was so powerful and life changing! I hope we will do it again next year! God truly blessed! Thank you all so much for sharing the rhema Word of God with us! God bless you!”

These schools create a faith-filled atmosphere where the Word of God and the demonstration of the Holy Spirit will inspire and accelerate you into a greater fulfillment of moving supernaturally in your daily lives.

Jim Ford

Lead Principal Hem of His Garment Ministries
Having personally been involved in and attended the school I have seen the power of God released, people ministered to, healed and set free. The truth of the word of God preached and taught bringing enlightenment to many.

School of the Supernatural is a must for those who want to grow, not just to learn about the Supernatural but to be challenged and to experience the supernatural power of God in your life.

Daniel Chan

Penkhull Christian Fellowship
May I recommend Word of his Righteousness ministry to challenge your church congregation to live more in the understanding and realm of the supernatural.

We have hosted the School of Supernatural with Rev Kola Emiola regularly over the last 14 years. (?? First year you came to PCF 2006?)
We have seen powerful ministry, experienced genuine healing amongst our members and a challenge to our western mind set in relation to the supernatural and power of God.

The church has been specifically impacted on teaching based on ‘Something about the Blood’ relating to the importance of the communion table and the power of the blood represented in all that Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross.

I class Rev Kola not only as a fellow minister in Christ, but a friend and brother as we have journeyed together over these years.